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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a website?

Yes!  Every business and organization needs a home on the web, a central location that becomes the focus of all of their online marketing efforts.  Whether this a blog, discussion forum, or traditional website depends on your organization's individual needs.


If I build it will they come?

Not any more.  At one time just having a website was enough to generate interest in your business.  Today everyone is online and people are constantly bombarded with websites, e-mails, and social media sites vying for their attention.  Having a comprehensive Online Presence Strategy in place will help you take advantage of the current online environment to help both current and potential customers find you more often.


Do I have to come to your office for training?

No.  Most of our training is conducted online using screen sharing technology such as GoToMeeting™ or GoToWebinar™.  Using online training tools allows us to provide you with the hands-on training you need with minimal disruption to your daily operations.


Do I have to host my website with you to use your services?

No.  While most of our clients use our website hosting services, we will work with your existing hosting provider to make sure you are getting the services that you need.  When we do find hosting services that do not provide the level of service that our clients need, we recommend that they move their websites, blogs, and e-newsletter services to us.

We do provide quality website, blog, and e-newsletter hosting at affordable rates for those clients that either do not have an existing hosting service or would benefit from the expanded access that we have when you host your website, blog, or e-newsletter on our equipment.


How much will it cost?

While we do have standard pricing for many of our services, each organization is unique.  We work with you to determine the level of coaching, training, and services that will meet your budget both today and moving into the future.  Please contact us to discuss what options work best for you and your organization.


How do I know if it's working?

We use both direct and indirect methods for tracking the effectiveness of your online activities including implementing website analytics, tracking e-newsletter open and click-through rates, and simple observation (i.e. our sales increase 300% for the first 24 hours after we send out an e-newsletter).